Reeves / Raines

Is Baptism Essential For Salvation?

Bruce Reeves & Steve Raines Debate

Bruce A. Reeves- Evangelist for the Highway 65 church of Christ in Conway Arkansas

Stephen G. Raines - Professor Church @ Central Baptist College in Conway AR, & is Pastor of East Side Baptist Church (Benton, Arkansas).

June 23,24, 2007

Monday April 23, 2007 - Resolved: “The scriptures teach that the alien sinner is forgiven of his past sins by faith only, before and without water baptism” – (Affirm: Steve Raines; Deny: Bruce Reeves)

Steve Raines First Affirmative

Bruce Reeves First Negative

Steve Raines Second Affirmative

Bruce Reeves Second Negative

Tuesday April 24, 2007 - Resolved: “The scriptures teach that water baptism is essential in order for the alien sinner to obtain the forgiveness of his past sins.” (Affirm: Bruce Reeves; Deny: Steve Raines)

Bruce Reeves First Affirmative

Steve Raines First Negative

Bruce Reeves Second Affirmative

Steve Raines Second Negative

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