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“How To Become A Wise Investor”—(Eccle 11:1-12:14) —Have our expenditures in time, resources and effort resulted in 1)Our personal spiritual growth? 2) The growth of the kingdom?—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF—12/30/2018

“A Biblical Examination of‘Reformed Theology"— Perseverance of The Saints -An explanation of the doctrine / An examination of supposed proof texts / What the Bible teaches —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 12/30/2018

“Please Inquire For The Word of The Lord Today.”—(1 Kings 22; 2 Chronicles 18:19:3) —How can we FIND the TRUTH among all the lies? ... —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF—12/23/2018

“What It Means To Be A Disciple"—Karl VanDevender —AUDIO/PDF— 12/23/2018

“If I Could Change The Gospel”—(Galatians 1:6-9; 1 Timothy 1:3,4) —First - I know I can’t, but If I could, some things I might change would be things that many already believe, but are NOT TRUE ... —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF—12/16/2018

“A Biblical Examination of‘Reformed Theology"— Irresistable Grace—An explanation of the doctrine / An examination of supposed proof texts / What the Bible teaches —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 12/16/2018

“Foundational Principles of Real Discipleship”—(Luke 6:20-49) —The Disciples’ VALUES—The Disciples’ TREATMENT of Others—The Disciples’ DEVOTION To His Teacher—The Disciple FOLLOWS His Teacher —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF—12/9/2018

“A Biblical Examination of‘Reformed Theology"— Limited Atonement —An explanation of the doctrine / An examination of supposed proof texts / What the Bible teaches —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 12/9/2018

“The Inward Man or The Outer Man”(2 Corinthians 4:16)) — —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 12/02/2018

“A Little Leaven”(Galatians 5:9; Matthew 13:33-35) — Typically refers to the pervasive influence of false doctrine & sin but also refers to the influence of the kingdom of heaven in the world. What kind of leaven are we? —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 11/25/2018

“Some Ways People Try To Hide From God”--An Rufus Thrower —AUDIO— 11/25/2018

“What Do We See In God’s Mirror?”(James 1:22-27) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 11/18/2018

“A Biblical Examination of‘Reformed Theology"— Unconditional Election —An explanation of the doctrine / An examination of supposed proof texts / What the Bible teaches —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 11/18/2018

“Josiah - What Walking In The Ways of God Looks Like"—(2 Chronicles 34:1-35:19; 2 Kings 21:24-23:30) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 11/11/2018

“A Biblical Examination of‘Reformed Theology"— Total Depravity?—An explanation of the doctrine / An examination of supposed proof texts / What the Bible teaches —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 11/11/2018

“Things That Speak To The Resurrection of Christ"—There are some monuments revealed in the NT that center around and point clearly to the resurrection of Jesus Christ - What is the significance of these things and most importantly, How does my life“speak” to the resurrcetion of Christ? - (Matthew 28:1-8) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 11/04/2018

“But God Knows My Heart"—Often said when the disparity between what the Scriptures teach and what a person actually believes or does becomes apparent …The Fact that “God Knows your Heart” IS NOT an EXCUSE for NOT OBEYING HIM!!- (1 Chron. 28:9.10) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 10/28/2018

“Don’t GAMBLE With Your Soul"—What does the Bible say about gambling? Is gambling a sin? Can we know if gambling is right or wrong? - (1 Timothy 6:6-10) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 10/21/2018

“A Biblical Examination of‘Reformed Theology'”Introduction— what lies beneath the tenants of Calvinism? —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 10/21/2018

“Traditions, Are They Good or Bad?"Wouldn’t you consider it foolish to want to discard a practice merely because it is a“tradition?” So why are some so CRITICAL of traditions? Are there TRADITIONS we MUST keep? Are there traditions we MUST reject? Can some traditions be either good or bad? - (2 Thessalonians 2:15; Matthew 15:2-9) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 10/14/2018

“The Time of The End - Pt 3” (Daniel 11:36-12:13) How world events would affect the people of Israel up to the time of Jesus —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 10/14/2018

“The Life God Blesses"Are you living the kind of life GOD BLESSES? What does a BLESSED life look like? - (Psalm 1:1-6; Matthew 5:1-11; 1 Peter 3:8-17) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 10/7/2018

“I Am Resolved"To be successful in ANY field - to meet and accomplish ANY great goal & task - REQUIRES -DECISION - PURPOSE - DETERMINATION - CONTINUED EFFORT -PERSEVERANCE - (Joshua 24:15; Psalm 37:5–6; 101:1-5; Acts 11:23) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/30/2018

“The Time of The End - Pt 2” (Daniel 11:1-35) World events that will affect the people of Israel up to the time of Jesus —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/30/2018

“How To Discover Our Actual Standing With God” (1 John 5:13; 2 Corinthians 13:5; 2 Timothy 2:15) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/23/2018

“Resisting Satan, Our Enemy” (1 Pet 5:7-11) By Rodger Payne — AUDIO— 09/23/2018

“Lord - Teach Me To PRAY” (Luke 11:1-13) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/16/2018

““Daniel Shown World Events& the Impact They Will Have on Israel” (Part 1)” (Daniel 10:1-21) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/16/2018

“A Prayer Pleasing To God” (Daniel 9:1-19) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/09/2018

“Daniel’s Vision of The Seventy Weeks” (Daniel 9:20-27) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/09/2018

“Give Me That SHOW Time Religion" — (Jeremiah 6:16;Deuteronomy 12:29–32;2 Timothy 4:1–5) There Is A MAJOR Problem With “Contemporary Worship”& Why So MANY CANNOT SEE IT — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/02/2018

“What Happens When We Die?" — (Eccle. 12:6-14; Luke 16:19-31) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 08/26/2018

“Examples of Salvation In The Book of Acts" — (Acts 2-22) Karl VanDevender — AUDIO08/26/2018

“There Is A Remedey Even For Those Who Have Rebelled" — (Isaiah 1:1-20) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 08/19/2018

“Daniels Vision of The Ram & Goat" — (Daniel 8:1-27) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 08/19/2018

“The‘ EXAMPLE’of Personal Evangelism" — (John 4) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 08/12/2018

“The Four Beast Overcome By God’s Everlasting Kingdom" — (Daniel 7:1-28) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 08/12/2018

“The 'Why’of Personal Evangelism" — (Luke 15; 1Thes. 1:5-10) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 07/29/2018

“Dangers Facing The Church - The Danger of Apathy" — (Revelation 3:14-22) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 07/22/2018

“Choosing The Lions" — (Daniel 6:1-28) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 07/22/2018

“Dangers Facing The Church - The Danger of Dying" — (Revelation 3:1-8) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 07/15/2018

“The Writing On The Wall" — (Daniel 5:1-31) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 07/15/2018

“Having A Christ Focussed Faith" — (Wilton Wesley) — AUDIO-07/8/2018

“Keeping A Godly Perspective" — (Rufus Thrower) — AUDIO -07/8/2018

““God Rules In The Kingdoms of Men”" — (Daniel 4:1-37)The Pride & Humiliation of King Nebuchadnezzar & The Lesson He Learned — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 07/01/2018

“Dangers Facing The Church (6) - The Danger of The World’s Leaven" — What is worldliness? Do we truly understand the wickedness of the world? How can we“gain the victory” over the world?- (Revelation 2:18-29) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 06/24/2018

“Dangers Facing The Church (5) - The Danger of Persecution & Compromise" — How to stand strong when the pressures of an ungodly world bears down on us - (Revelation 2:8-19) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 06/17/2018

“Daniel (4) - Faith To Endure The Fire" — (Daniel 3:1-30) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 06/17/2018

“Dangers Facing The Church (4) - The Danger of Formalism" — (Revelation 2:1-7)Any act, regardless of how“scriptural,”“good” or “needed,” if done without faith and love, profits one nothing! — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 06/10/2018

“Daniel (3) - The Indestructible Kingdom" — (Daniel 2:1-49) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 06/10/2018

“Dangers Facing The Church (3) - The Danger of Error" — (2 Peter 2:1-3) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 06/03/2018

“Dangers Facing The Church (2) - The Danger of Liberalism" — (Judges 21:25;Num 16:3-13; 2 Pet 2:10; Jude 8) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 05/27/2018

“Dangers Facing The Church (1) - The Danger of Self-Righteousness" — (Luke 18:9–14; Romans 10:1-4) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 05/20/2018

“Daniel (2) - Obedience Is Never Accidental" — (Daniel 1:1-21) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 05/20/2018

“The Poisoning of Our Minds" — (Selected Scriptures) — There are many dangers we face as Christians, but none greater than the poisons used by Satan to corrupt and ruin our minds! — What are some of these poisonous things? How can we protect ourselves? Is there an antidote?AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 05/06/2018

“It Is Up To Us" — (Ezekiel 18) —Personally Accountable Before God / Our Standing Before God Is Up To Us —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 04/29/2018

“Learning How To Be Content”(Phili 4:10-23) -Paul’s experiences had taught him how to be “sufficient” regardless of his circumstances, and these suffiviencies were IN CHRIST — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 04/29/2018

“Behold I Thought" — (Philippians 4:4-9) —Importance of Thinking Right —Right & godly living is predicated on right & godly thinking — /We choose what we think about — /Upon what are our thoughts based? - God’s word or our own thoughts—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 04/22/2018

“Paul At TheAreopagus In Athens”(Acts 17:16-34) -Rodger Payne — AUDIO— 04/22/2018

“Always Verify The Source" — (Matthew 21:23-27; Mark 11:27–33; Luke 20:1–8) — Many things are taught“in the name of Christ”which we can be certain are not actually from Christ. How can we tell? Are we like the Berean’s? Are we confident the things we believe, teach and practice are from Christ? — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 04/15/2018

“The Unity, Joy, Contentment & Peace In Christ”(Philippians 3:1-7) -ALL those IN CHRIST can Have TRUE JOY & PEACE: / Regardless of our past - (our sins or what others have done to us) / Regardless of our circumstances - (Our physical or material condition or how others are mistreating us)— AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 04/15/2018

“Questions About Your Baptism" — (Selected Passages) — WHEN were you baptized? HOW were you baptized? WHY were you baptized?Were You Responding to the Gospel of Christ or a Doctrine of Men?— AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 04/08/2018

“Are We Enemies OR Proponents of The Cross”(Philippians 3:17-4:1) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 04/08/2018

“The Mind of Paul" — (Philippians 3:12-16) —Aware of his current state & his need … 12a /Determined to faithfully serve Christ … 12b /Focussed on the task of progression …13 /Diligent, continuous effort to gain the prize … 14 /His plea for them, (us) to be likeminded … 15,16 -- AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 04/01/2018

“The New & Better Covenant” — (Hebrews 8:1-13) —The failure to understand the difference, & make the distinction between the Old Covenant & New Covenant is the cause of much confusion & errors in todays religious world!— No Audio/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 03/25/2018

“The Subjects, Purpose & Duration of The Old Covenant —(Hebrews 7:11-13) Is there ANY aspect of the“Old Covenant / Law” in force today?AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 03/25/2018

“Having Been Justified By Faith” — (Romans 5:1-9) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 03/18/2018

“That I May Gain Christ”—(Php 3:1-11) AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 03/11/2018

“Wheat or Weeds” —“Parable of the Wheat and Tares —(Matthew 13:24-30,36-43) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 03/11/2018

“Hold Such Men In Esteem”—(Php 2:19-30) —This lesson focuses on Paul's remarks concerning two men; one described as a “son,” the other as a "brother"AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 03/11/2018

“The Kingdom of God” —“And The Church of Christ” — (Daniel 2:44,45; Mark 9:1; Acts 2:1-47; Col. 1:13; Rev. 1:9)—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 03/04/2018

“Some More Fools In The Bible” —(Proverbs 1:7) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 02/25/2018

“Preparing Hearts To Receive the Gospel” —(Acts 3) Rufus Thrower —AUDIO— 02/25/2018

“Some Fools In The Bible” —(Proverbs 1:7) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 02/18/2018

“Working Out Our Own Salvation”—(Philippians 2:12-18) —Is our obedience GENUINE?Are we “working out our salvation?”Are we striving to live and work together in harmony? What of our influence on those around us? Are we SALT & LIGHT?—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 02/18/2018

“The Just Shall Live By Faith” —(Habbakuk 2:4) Trusting God In Turbulent Times —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 02/11/2018

“The Humbled & Exalted Christ” —(Philippians 2:5-11) — The greatest example of humility & sacrifice is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. — This lessons also discusses the deity of Christ, digging deeper into the nature and extent of His sacrifice.—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 02/11/2018

“Why Is Salvation So Hard?” —(Luke 13:22-30; 1 Peter 4:12-19; Exodus 5,6,12; 14; 19; 24; 32; 33- Numbers 14) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 02/04/2018

“What Are We To Do With Burdens?” —(Galatians 6:1-10; 1 Peter 5:5-11) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 01/28/2018

“Joyful Unity In Christ” —(Philippians 2:1-5) —AUDIO/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 01/28/2018

“Walking In Wisdom” —How To Make Wise Decisions—(Ephesians 5:15-21 — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 01/21/2018

“Conduct Worthy of The Gospel” —(Philippians 1:21-30) —PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 01/21/2018

“Jesus Can Give You Rest” —(Matthew 11:28-30) — Do we understand the destructive nature of sin? What is the rest Jesus offers? How can we recieve His rest? -AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 01/14/2018

“Making The Most of Our Circumstances” —(Philippians 1:12-26) — Regardless of Paul’s circumstance, he found a cause for joy. We cannot control what happens to us, but we can always control our response. -AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 01/14/2018

“In The Power of The Holy Spirit”Rufus Thrower. -AUDIO— 01/6/2018

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