Conversions In Acts

Have You Been Converted?- True conversion involves MORE than just a change in action - it involves a change in thinking and will - June 26,2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF

The Conversion Of 3,000- Acts 2:1-47 - The very first to hear the gospel and become Christians – (Isa 2:3; Mic 4:2; Acts 11:15) - The beginning of the church – (Acts 2:47; Mat 16:18) - July 3, 2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF

The Conversion of The Samaritans- Acts 8:1-25 - The gospel is driven from Jerusalem by persecution - Phillip the evangelist preaches Christ to the Samaritans and many believe and are baptized - July 10, 2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF

The Conversion of The Ethiopian Eunuch- Acts 8:26-40 - 1) A humble seeker hears the gospel and is baptized - 2) Some commonly taught errors exposed in this text - 3) Things that occurred resulting in this man's conversion. - July 17, 2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF

The Conversion of Saul From Tarsus- Acts 9;22;26 - As we continue studying conversions in the book of Acts, we come to the conversion of the man who became known as the apostle Paul. What kind of man was he before his conversion? How was he converted? What effects did his conversion have on his life? - July 24, 2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF

The Conversion of Cornelius And His Household- Acts 10:1-11:18; 15:6-11 - Regardless of his godly character, moral purity, sincerity, devotion in worship, generosity, conduct & reputation - Cornelius still NEEDED to be saved! – 10:6,22, 32,33; 11:14 - July 31, 2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF

Conversion of Lydia & Jailor In Philippi- Acts 16:1-40 - At the beginning of Paul's second missionary journey he, Silas and their party come to Philippi, the chief city in Macedonia. Join us as we study the beginnings of the church in Philippi - You may be surprised at what we learn together. - August 7, 2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF

"Receiving The Word of God"- Conversions In Thessalonica, Berea & Athens - Acts 17:1-34 - Paul, Silas & Timothy preach the gospel in two more cities in Macedonia where the word of God is received by many, then to more difficult soil in Athens. How were they converted? What things were involved in their conversion? - August 21, 2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF

Conversion of The Corinthians- Acts 18:1-17 - Paul makes his way to the "Las Vegas" of the Roman Empire - the immorality and Paganism in Corinth was well known - even so, Paul has success in preaching the gospel there. Many Corinthians, heard the gospel, believed and were baptized. - August 28, 2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF

Conversions In Ephesus- Acts 18:18-19:41 - This lesson focuses on the conversion of twelve disciples Paul finds when he arrives in Ephesus. Is baptism essential for salvation? What about rebaptism? If you have been baptized, into what were you baptized? We examine some very important questions regarding baptism and we hope you will join us in this study - September 4, 2011 -MP3/PPT/PDF Don Mcclain 2013