Seven Churches of Asia

  • "The ONE Who Speaks To The Churches" - (The Revelation of Jesus Christ - Revelation Chapter 1) - Lesson 1 of a series on the "Letters To The 7 Churches of Asia - Revelation 1-3 - In this introductory study, we will focus on the One Who is speaking, the Lord Jesus Christ. The beginning of apostasy is a lack of respect for the Lord and His word, likewise the way back to the Lord is to renew that respect – MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (4/21/2013)
  • "The Church That Fell Out of Love" - (The church of Christ in Ephesus - Revelation 2:1-8) - Seven good qualities, one bad - one too many.  Their values & motives had become misplaced. Correct actions are worthless if our motives are not genuine & pure  – The Lord looks not only at what we do but our intent & motives as well.  MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (4/28/2013)
  • "The Persecuted & Impoverished Church - But Rich" - The Christians in Smyrna faced tribulation, even to the point of martyrdom. They had nothing materially but yet the Lord calls them wealthy. Is serving Christ & receiving the salvation He offers worth whatever pain & suffering this life may bring?  – MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (5/5/2013)
  • "Pergamos: The Church Located Where Satan’s Throne was / Faithful In Persecution—but tolerated Evil!”— (Rev 2:12-17) " - The Christians in Pergamos also faced tribulation and stood for the truth against her outside foes - even after Antipas was martyred. However, they tolerated false teachers within their ranks. Pergamos is known as the compromising church. To compromise with error compromises our influence – MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (5/12/2013)
  • "Thyatira: The Church Faithful In Many Ways —but tolerated False Teaching & Sin!”— (Rev 2:18-29) " - Thyatira was a church that had many good qualities - but one fault can destroy much good. Jesus rebukes the church in Thyatira because they tolerated a false teacher in their midst referred to as "Jezebel, thus they had set themselves against Christ. Jezebel is still at work. She asks us not to believe in absolutes. She asks us to give in just a little at a time until there is nothing distinctive about us in contrast to the world. – MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (5/26/2013)
  • "Sardis: The Church With A Good Reputation Before Men - But The Lord Said They Were Dead!”— (Rev 3:1-6) " - It matters very little what men think of us, but it matters immensely what Christ knows about us, and He knows ALL. We can’t hide under a façade of make believe religion and fool our Lord. A congregation filled with members who live for worldly pleasures is a dead church, regardless of its reputation. – MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (6/2/2013)
  • "Philadelphia: The Faithful Church!”— (Rev 3:7-13) " - This church stood fast in the Lord despite opposition - they used what they had, therefore the Lord gave them more opportunities to be of service to Him. – MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (6/16/2013)
  • "Laodecia: The Lukewarm Church!”— (Rev 3:14-22) " - Apathy and indifference is not accepted by the Lord. – MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (6/23/2013) © Don Mcclain 2013