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Many have had trouble downloading the Power Point files and afterresearching the issue - the problem seems to be with Internet Explorer 8'sdefault settings which recognize files by content - not by extension. I have been using PPT 2010 for the last couple of years and before that I was using PPT 2007 - -both save files by compressing them - thus IE 8recognizes them as "Zip Files" and will not open them - there are a couple of ways around this -

1) Right click on the PPT icon on our site and select the "Save Target As"option from the dialogue box - choose where on your computer todownload the file - after the file has downloaded - you ought to be able toopen it with PPT 2007 or PPT 2007 viewer -

2) Reset your IE 8 settings - go to "tools" in the upper right hand corner ofIE - select "Internet Options" (should be the last option in the dialoguebox) - Select the "Security" tab - In security settings, scroll down to "OpenFiles Based on Content, Not File Extension" - select "DISABLE" -

3) OR - Download "Mozilla Firefox" and use it as your web browser - youwill have no trouble.

4) OR - better yet - get a Mac and install MS Office for Mac - :)

I have also been uploading PDF's of the PPT charts - great for viewing butthey are larger - and have no functionality.

I use a lot of different fonts in my presentations so you may findsome that you do not have; therefore they may not fit correctly on thecharts when you open them. I try to update our site every Monday with thelatest sermons - so please check back regularly.

------ Don McClain

Helpful links:

Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files

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