The Necessity of Godliness - (Audio / PowerPoint)

The Essentials of Godliness [Part One] - (Audio / PowerPoint)

The Essentials of Godliness [Part Two]- (Audio / PowerPoint)

Godly or Ungodly Religion- (Audio / PowerPoint)

Godly or Ungodly View of Sin - (Audio/PowerPoint)

The Godly Use of Our Bodies-(Audio/PowerPoint)

The Need For Godly Families- (Audio/PowerPoint)

Godliness In The Face of Adversity- (Audio / PowerPoint)

More Lessons on Living Godly

“Wholesome Teaching For Godly Living”—(Titus 2:1-10) —Sound doctrine was to used to expose and correct false doctrine, (Titus 1:10-14), Sound doctrine is more than THEOLOGICAL - it is PRACTICAL, (Titus 1:1,16), Sound doctrine is ESSENTIAL to living godly, harmonious & influential lives! —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF—03/25/2019

“Foundational Principles of Real Discipleship”—(Luke 6:20-49) —The Disciples’ VALUES—The Disciples’ TREATMENT of Others—The Disciples’ DEVOTION To His Teacher—The Disciple FOLLOWS His Teacher —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF—12/9/2018

“But God Knows My Heart"—Often said when the disparity between what the Scriptures teach and what a person actually believes or does becomes apparent …The Fact that “God Knows your Heart” IS NOT an EXCUSE for NOT OBEYING HIM!!- (1 Chron. 28:9.10) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 10/28/2018

“The Life God Blesses"Are you living the kind of life GOD BLESSES? What does a BLESSED life look like? - (Psalm 1:1-6; Matthew 6:1-11; 1 Peter 3:8-17) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 10/7/2018

“I Am Resolved"To be successful in ANY field - to meet and accomplish ANY great goal & task - REQUIRES -DECISION - PURPOSE - DETERMINATION - CONTINUED EFFORT -PERSEVERANCE - (Joshua 24:15; Psalm 37:5–6; 101:1-5; Acts 11:23) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/30/2018

“How To Discover Our Actual Standing With God” (1 John 5:13; 2 Corinthians 13:5; 2 Timothy 2:15) — AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 09/23/2018

“Making A Difference In A Dying & Lost World” —[Pass The Salt & Turn On TheLight] (Matthew 5:13-16) — We live in a WICKED & DARK world.The PEOPLE of GOD are to be a positive INFLUENCE & guiding EXAMPLE. In order to be EFFECTIVE, we MUST be genuinely HOLY in character, word, & deeds.-AUDIOPART 1/AUDIO PART 2/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 12/31/2017

“Demonstrating Reverence For God”-(Nehemiah 8:1-12; Hebrews 12:25-29) What does your attitude & actions toward God’s word reveal about your reverence for Him? What does your attitude & actions toward worshipping God reveal about your reverence for Him? --AUDIO/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 2/5/2017

Decisions Determine Destiny- We Are Free To Choose - - But We Are Not Free Not To Choose - March 7, 2010 -MP3/PPT/PDF

How To Make Godly Decisions- Principles Needed and Questions To Ask - March 14, 2010 -MP3/PPT/PDF

The Book of Romans -Justification By Grace Requires A Holy Life- Romans 6:1-23 - March 14, 2010 -MP3/PPT/PDF

Making Wise Decisions- Examples And Applying The Principles of Wise Decision Making - March 21,2010 -MP3/PPT/PDF

“The Demands of Grace”- (Titus 2:1-15) - There are few, if any, Bible doctrines abused and perverted more than the doctrine of grace. Join us as we examine what the Bible actually teaches about the“grace of God.” Grace does not exclude the commands of Christ, or do away with the essentiality of our obedience to Him. Grace does NOT give the Christian a license to sin or live any way he wishes. Grace has demands. Grace demands faith, repentance and obedience. -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 04/24/2016

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